As the two readers of this blog know, I have had a rocky few weeks. Between house sitting for a friend, ending the most important relationship I’ve ever been in, and then doing a grueling syntax summer school in London, I haven’t had my own physical or emotional space to just focus on me for about a month. One of the things I find more comforting than pretty much anything else is the calm regularity of routine. This month I’m using a solid routine to get me back to my happy place. I also have to turn in a full rough draft of my dissertation by July 28th, so that’s some additional motivation to get comfortable – so I can get working! 

A considerable component of this routine is going to be a run streak. I’ve never done a run streak before, as I tend to be part of the ‘less is more’ training camp when it comes to running. But starting today, I plan on running at least one mile every day for the month of July. Should be fun! I’m hoping the motivation of consistent running will spur on my writing, and vice versa. I also plan on writing about it a little bit every day, so stay tuned for more run talk.

I started off today with an early(ish) (for me) 7km run with Maria. I could feel in my lungs the fact that I didn’t run at all last week and ate like crap, though my legs felt pretty good. I just generally feel kind of bloated and slow, but I know that after a few runs I’ll be feeling better. 

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