Tired and sore.

I’m super tired, so I don’t have the enthusiasm I should for this post, but oh well.

I had my first weightlifting class yesterday and it was rad! It turns out it’s an Olypmpic Weightlifting class (which I didn’t really even know what that meant before I went) which means doing lots of snatches and clean and jerks (ask wikipedia if you’re not sure – I wasn’t). It was definitely hard, and I even fell over a couple times (lol). The teacher is a nice, burly, meathead named Mark and he’s very Scottish so he’s kind of hard to understand. He’s patient in his own bro-ish way though, so that’s good. And he’s got a great sense of humor, which helps when you’re me. There’s only one other person in the class, and he has a bit of experience but not so much as to make me feel bad. My legs were the most tired after class last night, and they are DEFINITELY the most sore today. Holy quadriceps, batman, am I sore. Like, hobbling levels of sore in my quads, and then my back and shoulders are feeling it too. I guess that’s what happens when you do squats for an hour. Oddly, after the class I had this energized, nearly high feeling, which was encouraging. I don’t tend to get the runner’s high, so I was excited to feel something positive after weightlifting.

School has been ambling along this week. I’ve been making slow progress with both my essays and my dissertation survey. I’ve been in the MSc study lab every day this week from 9:30 to 5:30 or so, which makes me feel crazy productive even if I’m only being moderately productive.

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