Today I kind of screwed up my long run. I got lost, and even with my GPS-enabled smart phone, my run ended up being 3k longer than I meant it to…and that includes cutting off the end part. Luckily it wasn’t so long that I had to talk my way onto a bus or convince a cab driver to take me home, wait, and then take me to a cash machine (moral of the story, always bring an atm card/bus change when running in a new place! Rookie mistake!). It does mean that I ended up running 20k when I only meant to run 17k. Now I know that kind of distance isn’t a big deal for people who run 20-30 km in one shot on a regular basis, but considering I run more like 20-30 km PER WEEK it was a bit rough. It doesn’t help that I didn’t fuel properly beforehand so I felt nauseous and lightheaded afterwards, even though I fueled well during the run itself. Here are my (unimpressive) stats if you’re curious:

Distance: 20.01 km
Time: 2:23:46
Avg Pace: 7:11 min/km
Elevation Gain: 152 m
Calories: 1,211 C

They’re pretty much what I expected. I ran my half last year in 2h24, so if I actually run at race pace, this predicts I’ll at least be able to match that, if not beat it. At least I know for sure that the distance won’t be a problem – I was only 1.09 km away from running a half marathon today!

Because the run was so much longer than I expected it to be, I was wiped when I got home. Predictably, this had an effect on my ability to work tonight. I didn’t get as much of my semantics paper done as I would like. I managed to outline my syntax paper yesterday, but I’m still researching to even understand the question for my semantics paper, let alone how to answer it. Tomorrow it’s pragmatics and dissertation day, I think, though I might try to sneak some semantics in there.

Finally, I know this is neither about school or about running, but some of you might enjoy it:


Have a photo of my (newly bearded brother) and my dad being cuties.

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