In all of my workout ramblings yesterday, I forgot to mention that yesterday was my LAST DAY OF CLASSES. That’s right, I have officially survived to semesters of grad school classes. Unfortunately, I still have the majority of the work left to do, as my essays aren’t due until late April and my one exam is in mid-May, but hey! Classes are over! That’s exciting.

Yesterday was a rest day so I didn’t really exercize, but I wanted to try out the push-up blog instructions, so I gave that a go in my bedroom. My arms were a bit tired after 4 sets of 10 wall pushups, but otherwise it seemed not too bad. Today, however, I can tell you: I have triceps, and they are SORE! I take this as a sign that I’m on the right track. Full push-ups, here I come.

Today, on my first day post-classes, I hope to finish up an editing project that has been on my plate for a bit too long, and then go on my first run in nearly a week. I hope 8k isn’t too hard on my lungs. I’ll use my garmin pacing to try and keep me slow, so we’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed!

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