Not so functional.

Yeah, okay, not happening. I woke up with my cough being the same painful, productive mess AND it being difficult to breathe. On top of that, I’m back to feeling abnormally tired and lethargic (worse than the daily tiredness/sleepiness that I’m always dealing with). So, I’m going to heed the quote pinned to my wall and listen to my body. It doesn’t help that I’m also crampy and probably PMSing, and really just want my mom to come take care of me. Hopefully another few days off and I’ll be back at the running.

I have a homework assignment on the resolution of pronouns due on Thursday. There are several competing theories as to how comprehenders decide what a pronoun (he/she/it/they) is referring to. For this assignment, we’ve been given a pile of data (a transcript of a phone conversation) an we have to decide which theory best accounts for the data (the speakers’ usage of pronouns) and explain why. Then we have to try and find an alternative model that violates our argument. It’s definitely interesting, but feels a bit tedious when breathing is a chore.¬†

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