Saturday Morning Stress

Going to the gym yesterday turned out to be a really good idea. I did a 20 min warm up on the bike, half an hour of weights and physio exercises, and then 40 more minutes on the bike. My lungs seemed pretty ok with the whole thing, and they didn’t burn afterwards, which is great! My abs are kind of sore today, which is always rewarding (oh yeah, I have abs!). Today I’m going to be brave and try a run. I still have a cough, but I really want to do my long run tomorrow. I figure if I can do 6k today without too much discomfort then my 17k (!!) run tomorrow should be doable. 

Schoolwork is really starting to ramp up. I’m supposed to pitch an essay idea to my Syntax prof on Monday, and I am absolutely terrified by the thought of that paper. I’m not always the most detail oriented in regards to my argumentation, and I’m afraid of tackling a topic that ends up being really technical, and then getting all the details wrong. I’m reading a really interesting paper (by  my supervisor’s PhD supervisor) that should hopefully give me some direction, but…eek! 

Not to mention I have a homework assignment due next week, and another paper to think of, and a dissertation experiment to design, and this editing project that I’m struggling to finish. Gulp! Wish  me luck!

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