I never knew bad weather ’til I moved to Scotland.

This is just a quick post to say it is not going to stop snowing, not today. I was hoping to do my usual Tuesday 8k today, but like last week, the weather is just too miserable. I’m usually a bad weather runner (I like running in the rain and the snow), but it’s windy and the wind is blowing around little icy snow pellets, and then not sticking, so the wind blows snow/hail into your face and then freezes onto the ground. Lovely. And dangerous. 

I wanted to post a picture of what it’s doing outside, but it turns out there’s no good way to document snow moving in all directions at 30+ km per hour. Sigh.

I spent all morning procrastinating hoping that the snow would stop so I could go outside. It seems that was in vain (and also unproductive) and now I’m running out of time, so it’s off to the gym for me. 

Mental health note: Brain Hitler is having a field day about my unproductive morning. Trying to love and encourage yourself when you have a little fascist living in your head is hard!

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2 Responses to I never knew bad weather ’til I moved to Scotland.

  1. Linnea says:

    I totally understand about the brain thing, sending you the little sun we have in Vancouver.

  2. aflawson says:

    *Hugs* thanks 🙂

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