Sunday Long Run

Like a lot of runners, I do my long runs on Sundays. The run I did yesterday was scheduled to be 15k in 1h30. I know I tend to be about 10 minutes slower than the time Lara projected on the schedule, so I had planned for 1h40. I got lost at the beginning of the run, so it ended up being more like 16k, and my time was a tragically slow 1h55. My Garmin was acting up so I don’t have the pacing.

I usually really look forward to my long runs. Long runs give you the chance to explore the city more, to leave work and interpersonal drama behind, and to spend some quality time with your daydreams. I love that. Yesterday, however, I just couldn’t get past how hard it was. Every kilometer was hard work, and I felt tired from the very beginning until my watch clicked over to 16.00km. I’m chosing to see this as a humility check – I think for the past few long runs it was such a relief to be doing something for me, by myself, that the amount of work that goes into distance running had become secondary. Nothing like some heavy-duty exhaustion to get that hubris checked! I hope next week’s 17k feels stronger.

{Edited to add}: I just looked up my 16k runs from last spring on my Garmin Connect (yaaaay technology!), and I finished this run 8-10 minutes faster than I did the last ones. Go me! Even if it didn’t feel great, at least I’ve sort of improved :p

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